I want to major in bioinformatics.... where should I go?

feynman cesium at foxinternet.net
Tue Sep 17 07:17:17 EST 2002

Are you reading papers or journals regarding infomatics? Does anyone's work
particularly interest you?  Try looking at school where these researchers

<testing> wrote in message
news:oib9ou8cnps7i615m24tknba9nvr6irn3s at 4ax.com...
> "Bioinformawhat?"
> is the typical line I get from most of the people hired
> at my school to help students find the right college.
> And I guess it should be expected with a study as new
> as bioinformatics is. So, my question is, if I know
> without a doubt, that that is going to be my major,
> can anyone recommend a couple good schools that I'm
> sure to be fully equipped with genomics know-how?
> People have already referred me to NC state and Stanford,
> but I have a feeling I won't be accepted to either, so I'm
> looking for something with slightly lower selectivity.
> Keith Callenberg

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