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* Avoiding the fate of the dinosaurs
Tales of asteroids or comets in a collision course with the Earth are 
always good to fill space in newspapers during the quiet summer months. 
Is there any truth in these tales of impending doom?

* Aurora Season Begins
"Aurora Season" is officially underway. Scientists aren't certain of all 
the reasons why, but there are more geomagnetic storms during autumn 
than other times of year. Already this month three such storms have 
triggered auroras visible as far south as the Carolinas in the United 

* Students can soar to new heights in NASA's Rocket Contest
High school students from across the country will get a chance to soar 
to new levels -- thanks to a partnership between NASA and sponsors of 
the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

*  First confirmed capture into Earth Orbit is likely Apollo Rocket
NASA scientists have confirmed the first known capture of an object into 
Earth orbit from a Sun-centered orbit, thanks to continuing observations 
of what is most likely the long-lost third stage of a 1969 rocket to the 

*  Education programs at NASA's Marshall Center help Harvard student 
teach others, shape futures
Students who returned to classes fall may find themselves writing about 
what they did during summer vacation. For Huntsville, Ala., native Brian 
Barnes, the answer was the same as the past four years -- just another 
summer in the classroom.

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