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Dear Sir,

I wish to solicit for your kind and urgent help as the recent killing of my beloved husband has turned me into being a widow. I am the second wife of late Robart Guei the former military head of state of the republic of Cote D' Ivore in West Africa who was assassinated along with his first wife and his first son on the early morning of 19th Sept 2002 by an opposition group over political pursuit. If you can listen very well in the bbc news,you will here it being announced.Thank God I was not living in the quarters with them I would have also fallen the same victim but after his death I was allarted on phone by one of my late husband's boys who briefed me about the incident and immidiately I picked up some documents in my possession which my husband gave me for keeps which were the original documents covering the sum of eighteen million U.S. dollars which he deposited in a security company in Holand. He deposited it as family valuables in two boxes using the name of his first!
 son who was killed along with him and also his foreign friend whose name did not appear on the documents. So now, I need your assistance to aply to the company with there address in Holand as my late husbands foreign friend who owns the consignments deposited on the 14/03/2001 by one Mr. Junior Robert Guei. They will surely grant you the beneficiary. Whatever they need from you or any question they ask try and get back to me first so that I will give you the answer in order not to make mistakes and loose that money, because that is my only inheritance from my late husband  because I got married to him two years ago and I haven't had any child for him so in Africa,you have no say in a case like that and as soon as you claim his money try to send me some through the name I will soon give you for my security reasons so that I will use it to process my documents  and come over to your country for my stay and investment. Sir, I will reward you with 10% of the total amount for al!
l your help rendered to me. Right now I am in a hide out in one of the villages here in Cote D' Ivoire and I am out of phone for now, but I believe very soon this will be over as the killers of my husband are being hunted for all over the country by the security agents.Sir,I plead for you to keep this information with yourself only because,people taught that my late husband's family has closed competely because of the massive killing which affected the first wife,two of his sons and the house helps so nobody knows I was not involved.I will be greateful if you can attend to me  immediately.

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