Create a PRIVATE LABELED ISP for your Group, Charity, school or Business

Become your own free/premium ISP sales_marketing at
Mon Sep 30 17:21:00 EST 2002

At you can SETUP your own TURNKEY Branded/Private Labeled Free or Paid Internet Service in less than one hour.  You can see an example at .   This service allows 100% customization and includes a branded dialer, branded POP - IMAP and WEB Based Email at your domain (EX. user at . )  NO DOMAIN REQUIRED!!!  NO COST!!! REALLY NO COST!!!

1.  Make $2.00 for every signup and another $2.00 for each month that the user continues to use the service!!!

2.  Build Your OWN BRAND awareness through dialer and start page control.

3.  Customize your service at any time via
4.  Make $1000.00's each month from home.

Feel free to contact an Affinity Path representative at sales at if you would like more information. 


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