Medical Explanation of the Resurrection!

Donald E.G. Beggs degby at
Mon Apr 7 08:17:44 EST 2003

Prepare in a cold cave: transfusion tubes made from hollow thorns with a
hole in the sharp end connected to boiled lamb intestine; thorn on each
end . While taking down from cross giving mouth to mouth resussitation,
and applying termite guards to suture the heart with their large
madibles which stay locked if the head is removed, then massaging the
heart. Taking the body to cave and having all the eleven chosen (same
blood type as Jesus) lie on a palate above where christ lay and
transfusing as much blood as possible and when heart and breathing on
His own,
leave in cave with special herbs he taught them to use for this
occasion. ( I learned of something similar when a man had been bitten by
a shark and had lost all his blood till he was clinically dead; no brain
lines even, but a full transfusion with heart stimulation and breathing
helped bring him back to life.) All the miracles he mentioned to John
the Baptist's followers are happennng Now! The blind regain their sight,
the deaf hear, the lame walk, the dead are risen, and the Word is spread
abroad! Healing is His Kingdom!


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