Wants to pursue a biology degree but....

Jennifer BabyChekys at aol.com
Tue Apr 22 23:42:12 EST 2003

Currently I am thinking about pursuing a bachelors degree in Biology. 
But I have one problem, that is disecting and animal experimation.  On
a ethical level I am against both disecting and experiments on
animals.  With this in mind, will I have a hard time completing a
degree in Biology?
To explain my situation, it has taken me years to figure out what I
want to do with my life.  Currently I am not sure what type of biology
I would like to get into, maybe, marine biology, zoology or
microbiology.  From my understanding with marine biology and zoology
there will be alot of classes that require disecting.  In high school
I did take a biology class and couldn't do it, so my partner did all
the disecting and I did all the paperwork.
I'm not even sure what I'm asking.  I guess I would like to know if
there is anyone out there that has refused to desect and still
completed an biology degree?  I just feel that I am the only one out
there that feels this way and still wants to become an biologist.  On
another message board I did have a dicussion with a professor and he
was basically discouraging me to major in biology.  After taking years
to find myself, I know that this is what I want to do.  But I am
getting so discouraged.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

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