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>Dear Friends and Colleagues,
>I am happy to inform you that the book "Bioinformatics for Dummies" that Jean Michel Claverie and I recently wrote is now available. You can take a quick look at it from the Wiley website:
>This book is meant to empower biologists who are not bioinformatics specialists: we want to show them how to quickly get things done, using online tools only. We have tried to explain things in plain English, just the way you would talk to your students during a practical course.
>You may find this book useful if you are a student, a non-specialist or if you teach bioinformatics. This book is also for you if you are curious to know about the relationship between white T-Shirts, Bolognaise Spaghettis and the evolutionary clock!!
>Whatever your opinion, you are welcome to share it with me, or even better: update the list of review with your own thoughts! Sarcastic and humorous reviews are most welcome!
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>Please feel free to send this message to anyone who could be interested!
>Cedric Notredame

Darn. You 'stole' my title off the well-worn notebook I compiled for
our lab. It is thick with copies of information and articles on
bioinformatics from various sources. 

I will peruse the book when it reaches the nearby Barnes & Nobles
bookstore (surprisingly, they have two books on BI, but they haven't
moved in 6 months).

I do like my cover better than your's. :)

Vet Medicine

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