New Lab Equipment on BioSurplus. SAVE$ info at
Sat Feb 22 02:26:21 EST 2003

Here are just a few of the bargains available on BioSurplus.  Some are used,
some are new or unused, but all are a great deal!
Check out today before this equipment is gone.

ABI 310 DNA Sequencer
ABI 377 DNA Sequencer
ABI 494 Protein Sequencer
Biotage Parallex Flex 4-column automated system
Canon Image Runner 400S Copier
Jouan CR422 Centrifuge
Genetix Qbot
Cyclone Storage Phosphor System
Ultra Lum system: UltraLUm transilluminator,UVphotoviewer illumination
system #MEB-15E, UV-60
Barnstead E-pure model D4642 /ROpure Infinity Premier
Beckman L8-70M Ultra Centrifuge
5 each Fisher Hamilton Biological Safety Cabinets
Semi-micro Analytical balance 42/210 g x .01/.1mg
GenAmp 5700 Sequence Detection System

The leading venue for Surplus Biotech Lab Equipment
info at

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