humour in the life sciences - metabolism in rhyme?

papillon69 at papillon69 at
Wed Jul 30 09:32:39 EST 2003


I am looking for humouristic literature in the life sciences - poems,
articles anything. In particular, I wonder if anyone can help me with the

1. Years back (early 1990s) I saw a book in the Keele (UK) University
bookshop which contained metabolic pathways in rhyme (it may have been glycolysis
or the TCA cycle in particular) - stupidly enough, I never got the book and
never wrote down the title. Does anyone happen to know about this and could
give me a reference?

2. My uncle, a botanist, once had an (humouristic) article from a Christmas
issue of a botany journal (I'm not even sure whether it was a German or an
English language journal) about a specific "Christmas molecule" with special
features causing Christmas feelings etc. - does anyone happen to know about
that one and could they give me a reference please?

Also, please let me know if you know of any journals that have regular
(probably mainly Christmas?) issues with humouristic articles (such as the
Christmas issue of the BMJ) or if you knwo of any other good sources of humour in
the life sciences / medicine.

Many thanks!


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