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Our Ref.: 14 Groups of Chinese Products (B-1)     12th May 2003


Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce 14 Groups of Chinese Products
to you as follow, if you are interested them, please don't
hesitate to contact us, we will send you our WEBSITE to you
by return e-mail for your considerations :

*** we have good sales for MOBILE PHONES (NOKIA, etc.) now,
    if you are interested them, we will let you details immed.

A     wearing and accouterment
A01   man garment
A02   lady garment
A03   children garment
A04   silk dress
A05   leather/fur dress
A06   knitting dress
A07   full dress
A08   sportswear and leisurewear
A09   uniform
A10   underwear and nightwear
A11   accouterment and accessories
A12   shoes
A13   others

B     electricity & electronic product
B01   electronic appliance for kitchen
B02   telephone
B03   computer
B04   television set
B05   air conditioning
B06   audio and video facility
B07   sanitary products
B08   washing machine
B09   water fountain
B10   VCD/DVD player
B11   refrigerator
B12   water heater
B13   mobile phone
B14   digital products
B15   others

C     machinery and equipment
C01   food, beverage & tobacco machine
C02   foodstuff machine
C03   dyeing machine for textile
C04   sewing machine for dress
C05   leather/shoes machine
C06   paper machine
C07   paper products machine
C08   press machine/equipment
C09   Medical equipments
C10   envir.pro.machinery/equipment
C11   chemical machinery/equipment
C12   construction machinery/equipment
C13   engineering machinery
C14   electronic/electrical machinery
C15   others

D     vehicle
D01   sanitation truck series
D02   traveling bus
D03   passenger car
D04   agricultural vehicles
D05   carring truck
D06   saloon car
D07   mini bus
D08   bus
D09   motorcycle
D10   bicycle
D11   fire truck series
D12   cement tanker
D13   concrete mixing truck
D14   drumper
D15   others

E     ship and spare parts
E01   yacht and speed boat
E02   oil tanker
E03   cargo vessel
E04   submarine vessel
E05   passenger vessel
E06   battery boat
E07   rowing boat
E08   treading boat
E09   fishing boat
E10   special vessel
E11   others

F     sports products
F01   ball
F02   ski and skate shoes
F03   gymnastic equipment
F04   model
F05   traveling products
F06   swimming outfit
F07   others

G     office equipment & stationery
G01   office furniture
G02   office stationery
G03   office equipment
G04   copier
G05   fax machine
G06   scraping machine
G07   scanner
G08   printer
G09   blueprint machine
G10   others

H     daily commodity
H01   dishware and kitchenware
H02   furniture
H03   decoration
H04   clock and watch
H05   cleaning article
H06   domestic textile
H07   clothes rack and clothes pin
H08   lighter and smoking set
H09   knife and scissors
H10   umbrella and raincoat
H11   glasses
H12   others

J     industrial control/automatization
J01   automatic apparatus parts
J02   robot and mechanical hands)
J03   automatic system
J04   automatic instrument
J05   others

K     paper products
K01   toilet paper
K02   paper package
K03   others

L     Oilfield equipments
L01   Welhead equipment & X-mas tree blowout preventers
L02   Drill-Stem testing tools new series perforating guns
L03   Pumping units
L04   F-series triplex mud pumps
L05   Drilling & producting accessories
L06   Drilling rigs
L07   Others

M     Aerospace products & aircrafts
M01   Aircrafts
M02   Aerospace equipment
M03   Others

N.    Construction Projects
N01   Highways & Roads
N02   Bridges
N03   Resident Buildings
N04   Commercial Buildings
N05   Hotels
N06   Shopping Center
N07   Fitment & Decoration
N08   Construction Screen Walls
N09   Intelligent Projects
N10   Fire-control Equipment Installation
N11   Steel Structure Projects
N12   Mechanical-Electrical Equipment Installation
N13   Elevator Installation
N14   Earth Work Project
N15   Concrete Plant
N16   Others

P.    Postal and Communication Equipments
P01   Exchange Equipment
P02   Transmission Equipment
P03   Terminals
P04   Instruments & Meters
P05   Postal Machinery & Equipment
P06   Printing Manufacturing Equipment of Postal Products
P07   Communication Attachment Parts & Components
P08   Cables & Optical Cables
P09   Electro-Mechanical Products & Components
P10   Others
         a.      Wireless
         b.      NGN
         c.      Optical Network
         d.      Broad Band
         e.      Switching
         f.      Intelligent Network
         g.      STP
         h.      Distribution Frames
         i.      BITS
         j.      Multimedia Products
         k.      Data Comm.
         l.      Access Network
         m.      Mobile Comm.
         n.      Comm. Power Supply
         o.      IP Products & Gateway System
         p.      Dynamic Equipment & Multimedia Supervision System
         q.      NM System


Thanks again for your kindly assistance and waiting for
your instructions.

Best Regards
Alex Cheng
General Manager


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