SIGKDD Indust/Gov Track - Accepted papers

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Mon May 26 15:50:07 EST 2003

Here is the list of accepted papers, both full and poster, for the
KDD-2003 Industrial/Government Track.  

Thanks for all of your help!

Michael Pazzani
Paul Bradley
KDD-2003 Ind/Gov Track co-chairs


I3. Capturing Best Practice for Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis

Authors: G. Piatetsky-Shapiro, T. Khabaza, S. Ramaswamy

I4. Passenger-Based Predictive Modeling of Airline No-show Rates
Authors: R. D. Lawrence, S. J. Hong, J. Cherrier

I6. Golden Path Analyzer: Using Divide-and-Conquer to Cluster Web
Authors: K. Ali, S. P. Ketchpel

I12. The Anatomy of A Multimodal Information Filter 
Authors: Y.-L. Wu, K.-S. Goh, B. Li, H. You, E. Y. Chang

I15. Knowledge-Based Data Mining 
Authors: S. M. Weiss, S. J. Buckley, S. Kapoor, S. Damgaard

I19. Mining Hepatitis Data with Temporal Abstraction 
Authors:  T. B. Ho, T. D. Nguyen, S. Kawasaki, S. Q. Le, H. Yokoi, K.

I20. Empirical Bayesian Data Mining for Discovering Patterns in
Post-Marketing Drug Safety
Authors: D. M. Fram, J. S. Almenoff, W. DuMouchel

I27. Discovery of Climate Indices using Clustering
Authors: M. Steinbach, P.-N. Tan, V. Kumar, S. Klooster, C. Potter

I30. Clinical and Financial Outcomes Analysis with Existing Hospital
Patient Records 
Authors:  R. B. Rao, R. S. Niculescu, C. Germond, H. Rao

I33. The Data Mining Approach to Automated Software Testing 
Authors: M. Last, M. Friedman, A. Kandel

I37. Critical Event Prediction for Proactive Management in Large-scale
Computer Clusters 
Authors:  R. K. Sahoo, A. J. Oliner, I. Rish, M. Gupta, J. E. Moreira,
S. Ma

I38. Frequent-Subsequence-Based Predictive of Outer Membrane Proteins 
Authors:  R. She, F. Chen, K. Wang, M. Ester, J. L. Gardy, F. S. L.

I475.  Information Awareness:  A Prospective Technical Assessment
Authors:  D. Jensen, M. Rattigan, and H. Blau



I5. Similarity Analysis on Government Regulations 
Authors: G. T. Lau, K. H. Law, G. Wiederhold

I7. Architecting a Knowledge Discovery Engine for the Military Commander
Utilizing Massive Runs of Agent Based Simulations
Authors: P. Barry, J. Zhang, M. McDonald

I9. Applying Data Mining in Investigating Money Laundering Crimes 
Authors:  Z. Zhang, J. J. Salerno, P. S. Yu

I10. Visualizing Concept Drift 
Authors:  K. B. Pratt, G. Tschapek

I14. Data Quality through Knowledge Engineering 
Authors:  T. Dasu, G. T. Vesonder, J. R. Wright

I22. An Adaptive Nearest Neighbor Search for a Parts Acquisition ePortal

Authors:  R. Alonso, J. A. Bloom, H. Li, C. Basu

I29. Experimental Design for Solicitation Campaigns 
Authors:  U. F. Mayer, A. Sarkissian

I31. Experimental Study of Discovering Essential Information from
Customer Inquiry
Authors: K. Shimazu, A. Momma

I36. Towards NIC-based Intrusion Detection 
Authors:  M. Otey, S. Parthasarathy, A. Ghoting, G. Li, S. Narravula

I39. Data-Driven Validation, Completion and Construction of Event
Relation Networks 
Authors:  C.-S. Perng, D. Thoenen, S. Ma, G. Brabarnik, J. Hellerstein


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