endothelial cells on collagen

Miles Epstein mepstein at facstaff.wisc.edu
Sun Nov 16 20:08:50 EST 2003

gel takes longer to dry when thicker,  make sure you are accounting for 
this.  pre-treat your gel with culture medium after gel polymerizes.  

Dana L. wrote:

>Hello everybody,
>I have been trying to grow aortic bovine endothelial cells on collagen
>type I originated in rat’s tails.
>When the layer of collagen is thin (about a millimeter) the cells
>proliferate like on a culture dish.  As the thickness of the collagen
>increase, fewer cells last, and when the thickness of the collagen is
>about 4 millimeters, non survive.
>What could be the reason for this phenomena?
>Thanx in advance

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