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The Planning Letter with Regard to
the Investment in Establishing the Combination Service Center

I. Pandect:
This project was initially named the establishment of the combination service center, it shall has the independent legal personality, and it can attract and receive the investment, it shall be organized and constructed as one joint stock limited liability company with the shares invested and partaken by the insurance companies¡¢banks¡¢business groups and the people-run enterprises. The enterprise nature belongs to the joint-stock cooperative enterprise. This project shall stick to the principle of the sincerity and credit being the supreme, we make much of the idea of taking the people as the essence and lay stress on the subject of the scientific consumption and rational consumption, and we propose the enterprise culture with the unique fascination, by means of the scientific and standard operation, we can wish that the project shall produce the moving and inspiring effect and build-up effect within shorter time, the project shall adopt the membership chain way to make the enterprise scale expanded rapidly so that it can form the considerable consumption group with the continuous increase and promotion on the quantity and quality, and the project could realize the sales volume within the scope of the directional merchant sales bazaars. The sales profits shall increase rapidly with a big stride leap, therefore, it can push the simultaneous development of the finance and insurance services forward, in the meantime, when the project creates the good social beneficial results, and the project shall obtain more economic benefits.
II. Market Proposition:
The establishment of the project is based on such a proposition. Along with the development of China socialist market economy, the consumption and production shall promote more and quicker each other. The consumption stimulates the production, and the consumption pushes the production forward, and the consumption can breed the new economic growth point, it is more and more recognized and identified by the producers and dealers of the commodities. Because China lies in the economic type-changing period at present, it still needs a long period to perfect the social security system, the wide consumers still have the worries behind after consumption, and they cannot make the social consumption funds withdrawn as the production funds from the circulation by way of their trouble-free purchasing behavior, for this reason, it might affect the good exchange of the two big kinds of social funds.
The tentative plan of this project is to lead the insurance mechanism into the consumption process in order to train one new consumption concept and consumption mode on the consumption insurance, and its purpose is to enable the wide consumers to realize the trouble-free consumption as well as they could accumulate the selected insurance funds during the consumption process.
III. The Preliminary Design of the Products:
    What the combination service center provides is one kind of new-type service embodying the enterprise culture and human care, what the combination service center can offer us one kind of wholly new service idea and service mode.
This kind of wholly new service is just to build up the unimpeded and convenient bridge between the banks¡¢insurance companies¡¢merchants and wide consumers with a certain number of member information link and modern internet technology, by means of making full use of its own service¡¢coordination¡¢business accounting and supervision functions, with the banks and insurance companies as the support, and it can broaden the field for the merchants¡¢manufacturers and wide consumption groups, and then it can realize the exchanges at deep levels on every side.
IV. Market Anticipation: Generally, it needs fives stages to push this project into the market.
    1: It needs half a year for the preparatory period of the service organization and market.
2: It is the training period of the market. We should select the proper cut-over point of the market, and we intend to use one year to train the customers for 1,800,000 people, and it is anticipated that the consumption amount shall achieve RMB5.4 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 5.4 Billions Only). The accumulative gross profits shall achieve 0.54 billion (Say in Renminbi Yuan 0.54 Billions Only).
3: It is the elementary development period of the market. We intend to use two years to make the operations for 3,240,000 people, and it is anticipated that the consumption amount shall achieve RMB16.2 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 16.2 Billions Only), the accumulative profits shall achieve RMB1.62 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 1.62 Billions Only).
4: It is the expansion period of the market. We intend to use another two years to make the operations for 9,1800,00 people, and it is anticipated that the consumption amount shall achieve RMB31.5 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 31.5 Billions Only), and the accumulative gross profits shall achieve RMB 3.1 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 3.1 Billions Only).
5: It is the steady development period of the market. We will own the consumption group of 14,800,000 people through the operation of five years, and we will realize the sum of consumption amounting to RMB44.1 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 44.1 Billions Only), and the accumulative gross profits shall achieve 4.41 billions (Say in Renminbi Yuan 4.41 Billions Only), and it is the protective screen that can obstruct the risks for the wide consumers (it can bring along the consumption of the related industries for RMB90 to 120 billions), and it shall bring the industrial and commercial enterprises more business chances, after we achieve the outstanding accomplishments recognized by the society, and the combination service centers shall possess the financial support of the appropriate existence and development by way of collecting a certain sum of service fees. And then, this project shall enter the steady development period.
V. Guess and Estimation on Investment:
   The investment risk of this project is less, investment recovery is quick and the return rate is high. If the customers invest USD15, 000,000.00 (Say in U.S.Dollars Fifteen Millions Only) at a time, and then, the customers could just take back the whole investment within three to five years. The annual return rate can achieve 20% to 30%, along with the development of the enterprises, its profits shall become more abundant and considerable.
VI. Establishment of the Enterprise:
   The combination service center, as one enterprise with the independent legal person qualification, its establishment should go through the following procedures:
Putting forward the proposal letter of the project
Submitting the feasibility study report
Co-operative enterprise contract concluded and signed by the investors
All the investment parties discuss and pass through the enterprise rules in unanimity
We will apply for the enterprise registration by operation of law and apply for the business license and the related operating license. The date for registering the enterprise is namely is the day of establishment of the Board of Directors of the combination service center. The combination service center is the joint-stock cooperative limited liability company, and all the investment parties concerned shall share the profits in accordance with the proportion of the capital invested in each party, all the investment parities should register according to their actual amount of contribution.
VII. The enterprise shall handle the business operations according to the fixed number of years agreed by all the investment parties concerned.
     Before the cooperative period becomes due, the enterprise should make and determine the plan for the next step development. If all the investment parties concerned continue the cooperation the cooperation or expand the business operations, it is needful to complete the enterprise reorganization¡¢revise the contract and enterprise and complete the capital stock adjustment before its expiry.
VIII. The establishment of the project should conform to the requirements of the conditions listed on the following several aspects:
     1:It should conform to the principle of taking the people as the essence¡¢establishing the overall and harmonious and sustained development outlook made by the Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the C.P.C. in order to promote the economic society and the overall development spirit of the people.
     2: It should conform to the idea of the scientific consumption proposed by the National Consumers Association so as to enable the wide consumers benefit from the mass consumption and realize the right-maintaining consumption and trouble-free consumption.
     3. In the meantime, when realizing the rational consumption, along with the operation of funds and beneficial promotion, and it could enable the wide consumers have the successiveness and have the driving type promoting the healthy development of commerce and service trade, thereby, it makes all the insurance and finance investment parties and participators concerned able to get the return of the benefits.

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