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Subject: [Outreach4NoRNC] NH People's

Primary Adopts
Beyond Voting Framework for 2004 People's Primary Adopts Beyond Voting
Framework for 2004:

Today an anticipated record-number of New Hampshire voters are headed to
the polls to cast their votes in the first-in-the-nation Democratic
Primary race

Today the world's eyes are on New Hampshire for a clue as to who may
challenge the Bush White House in


Today we present the "Beyond Voting Roadmap" adopted by the assembly at
the concluding strategy session of the

People's Primary, held in Henniker, New Hampshire on January 18th

This "roadmap" is offered an invitation to embrace "resisting empire
beyond voting" as a mobilizing message for 2004.

Our intention is to elevate our resistance beyond individual events and
protests by sharing a common narrative that clearly magnifies the
diverse voices demanding real democracy in the United States.

There are a thousand more events and important anniversaries this year.
We submit this roadmap as a living strategy document to kick off our
campaigning against Empire and for a better world in 2004 and beyond.

Organizers and activists from around the Northeast US adopted the
following "roadmap," and requested it be shared with organizers around
the country.

This is an invitational framework to build consistency and strategy in
the peace and global justice movements in 2004. We believe that all of
our local work can be strengthened by sharing a common framework of
opposition to Empire and support for real democracy.

This adoption comes on the heals of a similar 2004 strategic plan passed
by the general assembly of Direct Action to Stop the War in San
Francisco (

The People's Primary also enthusiastically invites similar initiatives
for "People's Primary" gatherings across the country as the presidential
candidates travel through our cities and towns. Now is a key moment to
claim space in the political spotlight for our concerns about corporate
power, war, and the war at home—and project our visions for a better

The People's Primary in New Hampshire was a unique event that brought
organizers from various movements and constituencies together for a
rigorous conversation about the state of Empire, and strategic moments
for movement building in 2004.

Activists engaged in bird-dogging the candidates along the campaign
trail in New Hampshire and put issues like the FTAA and CAFTA on the

We put candidates like Wesley Clark in the hot seat over his support for
the School of the Americas torture training facility. We shook hands
with John Kerry, looked him in the eye, and asked him why he voted for
the War.

We put the occupation of Iraq and the USA PATRIOT Act front and center
at many a candidate town hall meeting. And all of us must continue to
turn up the heat all across the country to make a u-turn away from
Empire and towards a true democracy!

People's Primary
Roadmap 2004:

Rejecting Empire!

Building Democracy!

Mobilizing Beyond Voting!

Winter 2004:

January 16-20th People's Primary (New Hampshire)
February 8th DNC meeting in Boston (contact:

February 14th DNC consulta meeting in

Boston. Contact:

February 15th: Anniversary of the day the World Said No to War

March 20th: Global Day of Action "The world Still says no to war".

Demonstrations planned in Boston,
Vermont, New Hampshire, New York City, and elsewhere.


Spring 2004:

April 17th: Tax Day. "Not in Our Name.
Not with Our Money."

See for info on war tax resistance

April 22-25 Mobilization at the 60th

Anniversary of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, the
"Bankers of the Empire." See for more.

June 8th
Demonstrations at the Summit of the Group of 8 in Sea Island/Savanna
Georgia, and
Summit of the Biotechnology Industry in San Francisco California.

On June 8, say no to the G8 and the genetically engineered corporate

About Savannah, watch: and

About San Francisco, watch: and

Summer 2004:

July 19th-25th Boston Social Forum
and pro-democracy demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention
in Boston.

Stay tuned to and

August 28th – September 2nd:
New York City says No to Empire!
Massive demonstrations at the Republican National Convention.
See  ,  ,
and for more!

Fall 2004:

November 2nd=
Election Day ("Super Tuesday")
November 3rd = Beyond Voting

Mobilization, Super Wednesday!* National Day of Action the day after the
election* to demonstrate what democracy looks like in our cites and
towns across America: check out

Watch for the Super Wedesay clearing house: (not up yet!)
January 2005= Inauguration Day?
Doyle Canning
Organizing Director
Institute for Social Ecology
Biotechnology Project
1118 Maple Hill Road
Plainfield, Vermont 05667
Hungry for Justice???
Stop the FTAA!
"If a bunch of radicals can scare an entire state into banning biotech
food, Vermont may be just the first domino to fall..."

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