I am trying to reach You !

ryadav? at copper.net ryadav? at copper.net
Sun Jun 6 17:15:51 EST 2004

Greetings !

My name is Ram Yadav and I am writing you this email
from my home here in New Jersey. 

The reason for this email is that you and I share something in common...
At some point in our lives we contemplated or tried to
start a home business. Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell
you anything. I just want to ask you a simple question?

"Is it possible that at this time in your life, you are open
to taking a look at a winning opportunity?"

If your answer is "Yes" please send email to rkmrb7 at myprimus.com with the Subject "Send More Info", and I will send out some information to you right away. 

If your answer is "no" please delete this email because I will not be contacting you again.

Thank you so much for your time.

I hope you will at least take a free look.

Ram Yadav


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