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Difficult to be dispassionate
A great many people have reacted to my Small Times column from last 
November, and subsequent NanoBot posts, that used the alleged MMR/autism 
link to illustrate a larger point about the disconnect between 
scientists and "consumers" of science.

Nanotube Business 101
Another nano news item has me reaching for my notebook today, this one 
from Intel and Zyvex. Intel is figuring out how to keep computers cool, 
using carbon nanotube material from Zyvex.

Carlo's just a Copycat
I've had Carlo Montemagno on my mind the past couple of days, partly 
because he made the news recently with his spectacular microcyborg, and 
partly because I'm working on a Small Times magazine column that 
incorporates some of his work.

The Amazing Montemagno
I've written about UCLA's Carlo Montemago here, and he continues to 
amaze. At right is a picture I took (all rights reserved, etc., etc.) of 
Montemagno giving his Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in 
Nanotechnology acceptance speech ...

Cryonics running hot and cold
Future Timeline: Futurist Re-animated Today:"An influential futurist 
from the 20th century was re-animated today from cryonic suspension at 
Alcor per his original request.

Oregon Trail and the Holy Grail
 From BendBulletin.com, an update on Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski's quest 
for one of 10 Holy Grails -- a vessel in which to store federal nano funds.

Mr. Kulongoski goes to Washington
According to the Stateman Journal of Salem, Ore., Gov. Ted Kulongoski 
plans to ask "Bush administration science officials" that his state get 
in on federal nano dollars.

Nanoscience writers as lab rats
A project at the University of South Carolina's center for societal and 
ethical implications of nanotechnology

A gem at The Emerald
I couldn't figure out why I liked this column from a student journalist 
at the Oregon Daily Emerald until I recognized the familiar ring: It 
sounded a lot like me at my college paper back in 1985. Poor kid.

The (Nano) Apprentice
 From USA TODAY "It's crazy," [Donald] Trump says, and that's not an 
exaggeration. Not that he's shy about exaggeration. In promotional 
interviews for The Apprentice, he regularly says the contestants have 
IQs of 200 ...

The Nano Mikado
Libretto for the nano-opera: "Atom and Eve" By Marc Abrahams

Abstract Cart
G-quartets 40 years later: from 5'-GMP to molecular biology and 
supramolecular chemistry ...

News in a NanoSecond
Molecular Nano Weapons
Piercing the Fog With a Tiny Chip
USPTO - Nanotechnology Customer Partnership Meeting

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