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Nano knowledge going south? Blame Canada!
Canada's brilliant nanoscientists can grow brains on a microchip, but 
when it comes to making money, the brains all drain south.

Peres, Peace and Purification
Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres is taking his 
nanotechnology-enabled "water for peace" mission to Hong Kong. I've 
written about this issue before here and here, and devoted my next Small 
Times Magazine column to the subject.

China, garment workers and nanotechnology
Asian Labor News asked this question regarding China, garments and 
nanotechnology:  China has earned a reputation in some quarters as the 
world's sweatshop, particularly for conditions in its garment sector.

Nano Interviews on Biotech Today
Dear Howard: I'm the producer host of BioTech Today and a regular, 
inconsistent reader of "Howard Lovy's NanoBot". Need to be more 
consistent.   I just saw your post on " The Amazing Montemagno ". 
BioTech Today interviewed Dr. Montemagno last week at NBIC 2004 in New 
York. The interview aired yesterday and is archived at

Deletion in coverage of nanotech deletion
I've never met the editors of The New Atlantis, so I'm not sure why 
there's such a huge omission in an otherwise accurate and reasonable 
commentary on recent political decisions and bizarre bluster in the 
nanotech world.

MMR/autism link loosens
Childhood Vaccine-Autism Study Retracted (Associated Press)  Most of the 
scientists involved in widely discredited 1998 study suggesting a link 
between childhood vaccinations and autism have renounced the conclusion.

Mendocino voters fire warning shot
Nanotech industry: Pay close attention.  California County Bans Planting 
of Biotech Crops (Reuters)  Calif. County Votes to Ban Biotech Crops

NanoRobots shake (do not stir) the world
Everything or Nothing: Overview: The recent theft of Oxford University's 
highly classified prototype nano-robot project and the disappearance of 
its overseer, Dr Katya Nadanova has casued in the global intelligence 

Developers: Go Get GLOO-ed!
Not nano, but my bro! GLOOLABS' CTO is this Dan Lovy  character.

News in a NanoSecond
Think nano has ethical problems? Just wrap your brain around neuro
Nanophase's Small Step Back
R&D funding battles begin
UK science gets 10-year plan
Houston must act on nanotechnology opportunities

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