Better than a Loan

Gabriel William astardocan at
Fri Mar 26 18:53:37 EST 2004

Qualifying for a m0ney grant is simple.

See if this works for you - see us t0day:

Best Wishes,
Gabriel William

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I had my doubts, but we needed a break. And Cath kept telling me to take it easy, reminding me what the doctor had said at my last medical about working too hard. We arranged to visit with Jim and Marion for a couple of days, then drive down to Chicago.You hear that, Marion? Our Cath's going to have a baby. A woman's highest calling.I'll go and ring, I said.They passed Sandy coming back with our drinks and a bowl of pretzels. As she leant over to pass Jim his Jack Daniels, her blouse gaped. I could see the edge of a tattoo - some kind of bird - at the top of one breast. He sat silently, watching, then nodded at her as she went over to meet 'n' greet a young couple shaking snow off their coats.Nice titties huh, Billy? He winked at me. Mind you, with Cath pregnant you'll be doing all right soon, won't you?I grew up respecting Jim: he was more of a father figure than an older brother. Even when I started my own haulage business, taking loads from Boston down to New York and back, I looked to him for approval. It wasn't his business sense - he never had any. I just wanted him to say I'd done OK.


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