Terminal Amino Introducing Reagent with C-6 Spacer available

KD kenneth_drew at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 30 16:43:32 EST 2004

In our quest to serve scientists that are doing DNA synthesizers, we
now have two interesting 5'-terminal amino introducing reagents with
C-6 spacer:
MMT LINKER (MMT-amino-C-6 phosphoramidite; Amino-Modifier C6 MMT) 

TFA LINKER(TFA-amino-C-6 phosphoramidite; Amino-Modifier C6 TFA)

These aredesigned for use in DNA synthesizers to functionalize the
5'-terminous (5 prime) of the target oligonucleotide. Feel free to
point your browser to the above links.

Thank you.

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