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Zheng Li zhengli at
Thu May 13 21:04:29 EST 2004

Dear Colleague,

After several years of development and extensive piloting in organizations
such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca and the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center,
Teranode Corporation (, have released the first
product suite which includes a product named VLX Biological Modeler, which
I think will be of much interest to you.
VLX Biological Modeler is a commercial-quality software product for the
modeling and simulation of biological systems. VLX Biological Modeler is
for creating and annotating visual models of complex biological systems;
performing simulations to explore and predict dynamic system behaviors;
and for analyzing experimental data with models for hypothesis testing.  
Some of VLX Biological Modeler's highlights include:

   a. Powerful Graph Editor for easy construction of models of biochemical
   b. SBML Support makes over 10,000 pathway models from KEGG databases readily
available (
   c. Full Hierarchical Modeling Support allows large-scale, integrative models
to be constructed and manipulated through "copy-and-paste" and "drag-and-drop"
of reusable model components.
   d. Automatic generation of simulation models of algebraic/ODE systems based
on biochemical and biophysical principles.
   e. Text-based interface for creating non-procedural mathematical models
   f. Open modeling language and modeling system for user customizations and
model interchange.
   g. Project support allows the workspace of multiple models and datasets to
be saved as a single project file for persistence and communication.
   h. Seamless integration with Teranode's server product for large-scale,
multi-site collaborative work backed by user-selected database systems and VLX
Research Designer, Teranode's tool for the design, execution and documentation
of experimental protocols. 

The complete list of features and capabilities, as well as a set of
example models are available to you at

Zheng Li, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer
Teranode Corporation

P.S. Please feel free to distribute this special half-off price offer to your


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