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Our company works in the market of medicines already long time.
We have a lot of representations in the different countries
in the world such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, 
Poland, Belgium, Latvia and many others.
And now we have decided to expand our market on Australia.
We think that australian market is very prospective.
The employees - financial managers are necessary for a
successful input(entrance) on the market at the first stage for us.
You should be the inhabitant of Australia and have the bank
account in one or several Australian banks. Your work will
consist in accepting and processing payments from our
dear Australian resellers. After reception of payment
from our resellers you will receive the instructions
what to do with money further. Your salary will be based
on amount of received/sent payments. It means you will get
certain % from each bargain. Your salary will depend of
speed and length of your work. On the average our employees
earn USD $5000 per one month !
and most successful up to USD $15000 per one month! 

Contact us via e-mail : medicom at
or fax : + 44-20-7900-6231

*-you should execute our instructions during 24 hours,
different cooperation with you for us is unprofitable, because
we lose significant means processing this payments.


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