ESR1 (estrogen receptor), GATA3, HNF3A (FOXA1) and XBP1 in breast cancer

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Fri May 21 09:11:54 EST 2004

"About GATA3, HNF3A, and XBP1, three genes co-expressed with the
oestrogen receptor-alpha gene (ESR1) in breast cancer."
by Marc Lacroix and Guy Leclercq

In breast tumours and derived cell lines, microarray analyses have
revealed that a series of genes are expressed in close association
with the oestrogen receptor-alpha (ER-alpha) gene, ESR1. Three of
them, GATA3, HNF3A (also known as FOXA1), and XBP1 encode
transcription factors (GATA-3, HNF-3alpha, X-box binding protein 1).
Here, we present these factors and we discuss their potential
involvement in the ER-alpha-mediated actions in breast cancer cells.
We notably show the relations that exist, or that might exist, between
these factors and the oestrogen-inducible trefoil factor pS2/TFF1.

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