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Tue Nov 9 13:30:10 EST 2004

Hello Friend, 

I wrote this letter as confidential one to you, please
kindly read it carefully and send a reply to me.

My name is Mrs Bellinda Katumura, former director of
finance in the campaign team of Ex. President D Ratsiraka,
of Republic of Madagascar, an island in the Indian ocean. I
worked with him for years until he was ousted with violent
protest by the opposition, and he went into exile in
France. This protest erupted during the election period, it
was bloody that several people died including my husband.

Since the opposition took power in Feb 2001, many of us who
served in the regime of the former president have been
subjected to several intimidation and detentions, as am
writing you now we have not totally regained our freedom. I
have one thing that disturbs me. In the last days of the
ex-president he took all the monies for the election along
with him to exile. The one in my custody was properly
hidden by myself, and I told him (the ex president) that it
was gutted by fire in my office set by mobs of the
opposition. Truely the office was razed down beyond
recognition by fire, it is a fact he knows therefore no
questions to answer.

Immediately he left and the tensed atmophere beclouding our
nation there was rush of foreign nationals leaving our
country with their families and belongings for safety,
under that cover I was able to send out the amount left in
my custody to a country in europe through cargo, the
consignment was disguised as personal effect. The amount
involved is ( $16,000,000=) sixteen million dollars cash. I
have contacted the company and they aknowledge receipt of
the consignment they have also informed me to come forward
for collection. I did not inform them that my freedom in my
country is not total. I am not permitted yet to travel out
of my country. I need somebody, who understands my
situation to travel to the country in europe where the
consignment was sent, with the informations I will pass on
to him, to stand as my partner/beneficiary and took
delivery of the consignment and lodge it into his account
for safety.

I write this letter to you, to seek your assistance in this
issue, we shall discuss other informations as soon as you
declare interest to assist me. All required information
will be passed to you including the company name and the
name of the country where the consignment is. If you have
any question pls ask me. Expecting your reply soonest.

Also treat as Highly Confidential.

Yours Truely.
Mrs. Bellinda Katumura.

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