CFP: OBUPM-2005 Workshop at GECCO 2005

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Mon Apr 4 04:59:35 EST 2005

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           Workshop Announcement and Call for Participation

			     Workshop on


	   OBUPM-2005 wants to bring researchers working on
	 probabilistic models in optimization together again
                       To be held as part of the
                  June 25-29, 2005 (Saturday-Wednesday)
                       Loew's L'Enfant Plaza Hotel
                          Washington, DC, USA
                        Organized by ACM SIG-EVO


Genetic and evolutionary algorithms (GEAs) evolve a population of
candidate solutions to a given optimization problem using two basic
operators: (1) selection and (2) variation. Selection introduces a
pressure toward high-quality solutions, whereas variation ensures
exploration of the space of all potential solutions. Two variation
operators are common in current genetic and evolutionary computation
(GEC): crossover and mutation. Crossover creates new candidate solutions
by combining pieces of promising solutions, whereas mutation introduces
slight perturbations to promising solutions to explore their immediate

Problem independent variation operators often fail to exploit important
features of high-quality solutions. One way to make variation operators
more powerful is to replace traditional variation operators by the
following two steps:

1. Build a probabilistic model of the selected promising solutions, and
2. sample the built model to generate a new population of candidate

Algorithms based on this principle are called probabilistic
model-building genetic algorithms (PMBGAs), estimation of distribution
algorithms (EDAs), or iterated density estimation algorithms (IDEAs).

The purpose of this workshop is to present and discuss

- recent advances in PMBGAs,
- new theoretical and empirical results,
- applications of PMBGAs, and
- promising directions for future PMBGA research.

Please note that this years workshop will feature invited talks by
senior researchers in the field. The talks will cover various topics on
theory and application of PMBGA. Thus, the workshop should be
interesting for everyone who is fascinated by PMBGA! There will be no
regular talks at OBUPM, so please do not send us submissions to the

The workshop program and further information can be found online. Please
check regularly. In case
you have any questions, please contact one of the workshop organizers.

We are looking forward to meeting you at OBUPM-2005!


Jörn Grahl
Dept. of Logistics
Mannheim Business School
Email: joern.grahl @

Martin Pelikan
Dept. of Math. and Computer Science
University of Missouri at St. Louis
Email: pelikan @

Kumara Sastry
Illinois Genetic Algorithms Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: ksastry @


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