Patrick Kemal patkemal at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 14 05:28:35 EST 2005

Dear friend,

  I write in respect to my present predicament here in exile.My name is 
Patrick Hasad Kemal, a Turkish by citizen.Presently i am into hide out in a 
remote place with my wife and two year old daughter.

The ruling government in Turkey marked me as an opposition and had made 
series of attempts to eliminate me and my family which prompted me to sneak 
out of the country to my present hiding place.The little money i had with me 
here ($140,000USD) which i manage to take care of my family was stolen by 
our house help when he knew reasons for my hiding.Based on the circumstances 
surrounding my stay in singapore rightnow i cannot make a formal report to 
the police as to declare him wanted.

I solicite vehemently for you to assist me claim the only fund i deposited 
with a security company in London before i sneaked out of Turkey.The amount 
therein is $2.5M USD.The fund was packaged in a way that even the security 
company taught it was malaria drugs and vaccines,up till now they don't have 
knowledge of the content.I know my reasons for doing it so because i don't 
know if i will survive in exile or not.My wife managed to send this mail to 
you because i cannot come out to do so.

Please,kindly assist me if not for any other thing, for the sake of my 
little baby.As i am mailing you now, we don't even have cash in the 
house.Your prompt response will go a long way to resuscitate our life.

  Yours Sincerely,

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