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I continue to post my Genetics courses at
and today I have swapped course two, Mendelian Genetics, for course 
three, Advanced Genetics.

Advanced Genetics is composed of seven lessons that form a collection of 
important subjects often taught in Freshman Biology courses. After the 
lesson on Hardy-Weinberg you will have a Hardy-Weinberg workshop. That 
will require a calculator - and perhaps some courage. (Just kidding.). 
No college level Genetics course would be complete without this 
important topic because the Hardy-Weinberg equations are fundamental to 
understanding the genetics of populations and evolution. Like the chi 
square (last month), I will walk you through the process and teach you 
how to approach each problem. There are 35 SAQs and, of course, an exam 
finishes this course.

       Learning Outcomes for Advanced Genetics
    1. After completion of this course the student will be able to: 
explain the chromosomal basis of sex determination and apply that 
understanding to predict the sex of individuals with normal and abnormal 
complements of sex chromosomes.
    2. define sex-linked characteristics and describe their transmission.
    3. differentiate between sex-linked and sex-influenced characteristics.
    4. compare and contrast incomplete dominance and co-dominance and 
predict their modes of inheritance.
    5. describe and explain multiple alleles, multiple loci and multiple 
effects of a single gene.
    6. understand the basis for cytoplasmic inheritance and how it 
differs from Mendelian genetics.
    7. draw and use pedigrees to display and understand the pattern of 
single gene inheritance as well as predict relatedness.
    8. analyze a population using the Hardy-Weinberg calculations.

Having completed these first three courses (Cytogenetics, Mendelian 
Genetics and Advanced Genetics) you will have completed the equivalent 
of a university level Freshman course in Genetics but a little weak on 
the molecular side of things, and that is why you have a fourth course - 
Molecular Genetics!
Molecular Genetics will be posted on the first day of October. It's more 
detailed than the previous three courses so it will be posted until 
mid-November (instead of the standard one month time limit).

So leap over to www.synapses.co.uk/genetics
and learn Genetics!

Dr Jamie Love

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