Release of Origin of Species in Dub

Mark Pallen m.pallen at
Wed Feb 9 11:14:18 EST 2005

The Genomic Dub Collective are pleased to 
announce the release of their debut album, The 
Origin of Species in Dub, (a musical celebration 
of Darwin's masterpiece that should be of 
interest to all biologists),  in time for this 
year's Darwin Day (Feb 12th). To find out more 
about the project or to listen to samples from 
the album visit this web site:

To pre-order a copy at £3.99 plus postage and 
packing, send me an e-mail with the header 
"Pre-order Origin in Dub", and let me know how 
many you would like. We aim to get an idea of 
demand before deciding how many to make, after 
our initial production run of 100 CDs.

If you want us to put on a production at a 
scientific conference, e-mail me with the header: 
"Origin in Dub Conference booking".

Please pass this information to anyone who might 
be interested, or post it anywhere appropriate.


Professor Mark Pallen
Professor of Microbial Genomics
Bacterial Pathogenesis and Genomics Unit
Room 542, Institute for Biomedical Research,
The Medical School, University of Birmingham, BIRMINGHAM, B15 2TT
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