Sterens, knowledge revealed

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Sun Feb 27 21:01:00 EST 2005

And who controls the Sterens? Passing generation after generation
unnoticed, leaving behind a trail, a wake of new Sterens (or whatever
name they choose to call themselves at the time), difficult tradeoff
between secrecy and the use of their knowledge as an immortal,
universal medium of exchange. And leaving behind victims, of course,
the most mature as few as is absolutely necessary, the newer, nouveau
riches of the flesh and the unintended mistakes maybe lots, as many as
their greed considers necessary. For they may be at service, ties must
exist, but real control is almost impossible! Just by revealing
themselves are both in danger and saved, saviors and enemies at the
same time, following their designs in privacy. A complex play of
tradeoffs and equilibria vanishing after a new revelation is forced or
convenient. A society within a society! Superimposed, or more like the
*infrastructure* of the very world. As they were insinuated they
represent the 10th zodiacal house, Scorpio (my sign), Transformation,
Death leading to Renaissance, Life in its very essence, survival and
continuity, the main motivation of their activity, living, but
expectant to whatever may alter their course, maybe ambushing that
which promises sudden change (growth? progress?), supporters of the
status quo, where status is less important than the quo, for they are
all and none, and must dislike whatever  threatens their long, slow
witnessing of the passing of ages. Patience is a virtue and for them
even more, as they lack the need to rush to... what? Maybe the coming
of a new country?  Have seen many. New languages, ethnics,
civilizations? Maybe. New species, other intelligences, space travel,
new worlds? We cannot know but they can, at least as they were
revealed, with their promises and demands, the dangers and the fear,
both for the callers and the called, and the victims! Their path is not
certainly the one everybody would follow in an ordered society... They
do have control, subtle but effective, more effective than what our
institutions offer as it seems...

Fabrizio J Bonsignore, now Danilo J Bonsignore

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