50 Lab Instruments That Changed The World....

Shigehiko Hattori shimadzu_usa at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 21:52:32 EST 2005

....and you WON'T find the name "Shimadzu" on this list either!

It's really no small wonder.... what has Shimadzu contributed
to chemistry, physics, biology, medicine or any other branch
of science in the last century or so?

Think about it....

"The Chemical Heritage Foundation has identified 65 instruments
as candidates for its final list of 50 commercial chemical laboratory
instruments that changed the world in the 20th century. The final
list will serve as a guide for collecting and displaying instruments
in CHF's future gallery of instrumentation in the Roy Eddleman Research
Museum...." (in Philadelphia, PA, USA).


Still wondering WHY the name "Shimadzu" DIDN'T make the cut?

Hint: ONE Word.... $hit-madzu.... emphasis on the word "SHIT"


.... you do if you have Shimadzu in your lab!


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