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Call for papers: one day workshop, now with extended deadline.
(Apologies if you receive multiple copies of this message)

August 7, 2005

to be held as part of the 22nd International Conference on Machine
Learning (ICML 2005), Bonn, Germany 
August 7-11, 2005

Workshop Description

Overview: The emerging world of search we see is one which makes
increasing use of information extraction, gradually blends in semantic
web technology and peer to peer systems, and uses grid computing as part
of resources for information extraction and learning. This workshop
explores the theory and application of machine learning in this context
for the internet, intranets, the emerging semantic web, and peer to peer
search. The workshop also aims to advertise and promote suitable
software and data infrastructure to support the research, and community
platforms, open source solutions, and grid tools for large scale

Areas: There are many exciting opportunities here both in applications
for machine learning and in new fundamental research problems for the
community: Some search areas we are interested in include (but are not
limited to):

* identifying named-entities, and keywords from minimal examples;
* learning mappings between query words and document words for question
* identifying per-site boilerplate and template;
* distributing indexes and routing queries in a peer to peer search
* optimising query ranking formula using clickthrough data;
* the language modelling approach to web retrieval;
* personalisation of search;
* text summarization and results summarization or clustering;
* information extraction from text for semantic indexing and automatic
knowledge markup;
* domain specific clustering and categorization, useful in domain
specific search engines lacking good ontologies; and
* semi-automatic support in ontology development and maintenance
(ontology learning, evolution) 

In addition, we have an interest in means of supporting machine learning
via software platforms and tools suitable databases, content or logs
(note TREC, MUC etc.). Position papers regarding the relevant
application and theory of machine learning are also encouraged.

Format: The workshop will take place over the full day of Sunday, 7th
August 2005. It will be open format though attendance will be limited by
space. There will be invited talks by Soumen Chakrabarti, Thomas Hofmann
and Andrew McCallum. The afternoon panel will be drawn from the program
committee and will include speakers positions as well as audience
participation. The workshop proceedings will be available on-line.


Authors are invited to submit papers on the topics outlined above or on
other related issues. Submissions should not exceed 8 pages, and should
be in line with the ICML formatting guidelines on their website. Some
places will be reserved for work focusing on the demonstration of
systems (and electronic submission for these can be shorter). Electronic
submissions, in PDF format, should be emailed to Wray Buntine at
wray.buntine at hiit.fi. If email submissions are not possible, please post
two copies of your submission (Helsinki Institute for Information
Technology, P.O. Box 9800, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland) to arrive on the
deadline. This is discouraged since authors are expected to produce PDF
for the proceedings.

* Submission deadline: April 1, 2005
* Extended submission deadline: April 15, 2005
* Revised notification date: April 29, 2005
* Final date for camera-ready copies to organizers: May 13, 2005 

Stephan Bloehdorn, Intitute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe
Wray Buntine, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Andreas Hotho, University of Kassel


Paul Buitelaar,	German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Soumen Chakrabarti,	Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Fabio Ciravegna, University of Sheffield
David Cohn,	Google
Eric Gaussier, XEROX Research Centre Europe
Siegfried Handschuh, FZI, University of Karlsruhe and Ontoprise GmbH
Thomas Hofmann,	Brown University
Yaoyong Li,	University of Sheffield
Andrew McCallum, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dunja Mladenic,	J. Stefan Institute
Mehran Sahami, Google and Stanford University
Alan Smeaton, Dublin City University
Steffen Staab, University of Koblenz
Henry Tirri, Nokia



I'm looking forward to welcome you to ICML 2005 , 7-11 August 2005 or to
ILP 2005 10-13, 2005, (or both:-) in Bonn, Germany. Please visit the
ICML website under: http://icml.ais.fraunhofer.de 

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