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Dr Jamie Love synapsescoukX at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 26 15:50:12 EST 2005

Due to popular demand, I am rerunning "Principles of Genetics" - my 
online Genetics courses - at
The first course, Cytogenetics, will remain posted until August 1st (to 
be replaced by Mendelian Genetics, and so on).

The first three courses (Cytogenetics, Mendelian Genetics and Advanced 
Genetics) are the equivalent of a university level Freshman course in 
Genetics. All lessons come with a Student's Study Guide for the student 
to print and fill in as s/he studies and a Teacher's Guide (with the 
answers). Four workshops guide the student through the most difficult 
sections providing additional practice for the math and puzzle solving. 
A total of 96 Self-Assessment Questions and Answers (SAQ&As) reinforce 
what is taught and each course concludes with an exam.
The fourth course, Molecular Genetics, is similar to a Sophomore 
university level course and focuses on the chemistry of Genetics, thus 
providing the student with a solid education in the most exciting areas 
of biotechnology! Again, all lesson come with Study Guides and SAQ&As 
(74 of them). This single course is much longer than any one of the 
three "Freshman" courses so the lessons are broken up into sublessons 
(providing opportunities for breaks and reflection on what is taught). 
Molecular Genetics concludes with an exam.

The last course is Medical Genetics and is adapted from my lecture notes 
that I used to prepare my medical students. Obviously, this is very 
advanced "stuff" and presented in a much "denser" manner. This last 
course provides students with an opportunity to review what they have 
learned, add more topics (such as Gene Mapping and Molecular Techniques) 
and learn how genetics is applied. The exam gives students a taste of 
what they might expect in Medical School.

The "point" of "Principles of Genetics" is that the student can progress 
as far as s/he wishes.
Spread the word (without spamming).

Merlin's Science Academy offers self-paced, self-learning science 
courses (Chemistry, Astronomy and Genetics)
specially written for home schoolers and other distance learners.
Visit the academy at

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