Marine Microbes Forum

Daniel Vaulot vaulot at
Wed Mar 9 01:58:09 EST 2005

A Forum (Bulletin Board) dedicated to Marine Microbes has been
launched. It intends to cover all aspects of Marine Microbes from
Ecology to Genomics.

The web site of the forum is :

All organisms considered as "microbes" can be discussed such as
phytoplankton, micro-zooplankton, bacteria, archeae, viruses etc...

In order to post topics you will need to register on the web site.

At present the forum is not moderated but this may change in the
As this is still experimental, please report any problem you may
experience to the address below.

Station Biologique
BP 74
Place G. Tessier
29682 Roscoff Cx FRANCE
email: vaulot at
*Phytoplankton group* :
*Roscoff Culture Collection* :
*Plankton*Net* :

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