How about "Busted Toilet Award" for Shimadzu?

Danny Wilde fuzakenbo at
Tue Mar 15 23:15:59 EST 2005

"Shigehiko Hattori" <shimadzu_usa at> wrote in message 
news:1110848264.775949.94530 at


In an idle moment, I had a look at these pages. I didn't expect to find 
anything interesting, but I'd like to recommend these web pages to other 
readers, as I thought they were extremely funny. I don't know if they were 
intended to be humorous or not, but they certainly made me laugh. Especially 
funny were the letters to Shimadzu which were supposed to be from 
dissatisfied Shimadzu customers. It was so obvious that they were fake, I 
couldn't stop laughing. The best one for me was the one which ended "Put 
that in your pipe and smoke it!"

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