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Tue Mar 22 18:17:02 EST 2005

Scary and terrible as they seem, the Sterens have been with us for
centuries and centuries, a formula, a recipe, adapted to the times and
the mentality, passing from groups to group, a meme as some would say,
changing as to be convincing and... useful... for those who believe or
would believe are majority and only the very strong can resist the
wonders that the Sterens offer, at a cost that to many is just

But in the end they are as powerful as the power we grant them. No
more. FOr not believing, ignoring turns them into their contrary,
nothing, nonexistent, while their followers will be on a path of self
destruction that will eventually cancel them out, and the more
followers, the more they will cancel themselves out. A recipe and
earnings for those who apply it, a loss for those who accept it and for
their victims. Not believing is winning. But then... in a chaotic
universe how many wonders are yet to be discovered?

fbonsignore at wrote:
> Now, the question opens up itself, why reveal?
> There are several possibilities, but first, it was not a revelation,
> was more a construction, few words and phrases and coincidences
> themselves together tilthey formed a coherent image, more like a...
> Rorscharch inkspot... a partly constructed frame upon which you (I)
> pour dow you mids contents, which in this time and moment in my case
> had to do with my life problematic and the meditations on the
> implications of my works, my philosophy...
> Because they want me to become immortal.. but then why not a stern
> approach? You cannot be steren and historical! One of the hints, a
> tradeoff, hard to swallow and rich in meanings and... manipulation.
> Because they want me to commit crimes incriminate me... That is, pure
> hate and bad will. As it is one of their conditions, their tests...
> course, unless you have the inclination you won`t commit crimes, and
> much less crimes as gross as those they implied and suggested...
> To use me! That makes sense, to take advantage of what I can do, of
> what I can create and have written here and elsewhere. It matches the
> scheme, the purpose, and also the implied offer... my offer,
> suggestively lured out of me...
> To create insanity... another plot, a victim, a test of solidity,
> gain after all...
> To justify an impersonation! Suddenly, you are not yourself, you are
> somebody else, they can change your name, deny you, say `he looks
> X, but he is not X, he is Y, because he is a Steren!`. And Sterens
> Monsters, devils, not what they seem, so you are implied again,
> something to be fought, to be shunned, even by the mere trap of
> about it! And convinced... what are you? A murderer, canibal,
> a parasite, something to be loathed, feared, admired, envied... and
> definitely double, ambiguous, and, most important, not YOU! If it so
> pleases them... the hidden party, the one making the revelation...
> manipulators, applying an empty container to see what the individual
> comes up with...
> But in commonplace reality the Sterens are easily... simulated. Bring
> people similar to people you know, throw in a few rumors, a few news
> pointing and reinforcing the impression... photos? NO problem, you
> create whatever you want with photos, cinema has shown us, even the
> illusion of regenerating! Miracles to go! How far? Even to the
> of finding mutilated individuals to create the illusion? In six
> people, how many similar characteristics you can find in somebody
> to convince others that he/she has *changed*? Even yourself end up
> being only one of a continuum (an idea I`ve entertained many times
> since a woman insisted that she was actually quite common, despite my
> guarantees that she was not). Expensive, sure, but possible,
> possible to create an illusion of reality, of a new reality, to...
> manipulate...
> And yet, the posibilities of biology, the stories, the
> more realities are we to find through science, through the conscious
> and purposeful application of science and technology to mold the
> the way we want? Because what we imagine can be created, as Verne
> suggested, someday, somewhere, and more things remain hidden than we
> can actually see. A mystery, which undoubtedly would not be as easily
> revealed, but yet may be there somewhere, both as an ultimate reality
> to be found and as a recipe to

Fabrizio J Bonsignore, now Danilo J Bonsignore

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