[Bioforum] Progeniq's Accelerated Bioinformatics Data Processing Solutions

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Fri Aug 18 04:27:43 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

Just a note to let the community know that Progeniq is launching its
BioBoost product line, which accelerates computationally intensive
applications by 50x-100x faster than a
typical workstation processor. The BioBoost uses Field Programmable
Gate Array (FPGA) technology on a USB 2.0 or PCI based device, to
accelerate applications at significantly lower cost.

Please refer to our website for details: http://www.progeniq.com

If this may assist you in your work, do let me know and I'll be most
delighted to discuss further.

Kind regards,
Senthil Kumar

Progeniq Launches Universal Version of Accelerated Bioinformatics Data
Processing Solutions for Mac OS X

WWDC, SAN FRANCISCO, CA -August 7, 2006- Progeniq today announced a
Universal version of its third generation BioBoost bioinformatics data
processing accelerator for Mac OS X version 10.4 "Tiger". BioBoost can
now harness the power of Intel-based Macs to make commonly used
bioinformatics applications, such as Pairwise and Multiple Sequence
Alignment, up to 10x-50x faster than a typical processor.

"The BioBoost accelerator is a major milestone in bringing new
generation computing technologies to the life sciences industry at
mass-market cost," said Darran Nathan, Progeniq's Chief Executive
Officer. "This is the start of a whole new wave in computing that
promises to drastically cut processing time for compute-intensive
applications across industries, providing flexible supercomputer-level
processing power to end-users at amazingly affordable prices."

"Apple has a very strong presence across the life sciences field, and
researchers globally are increasingly choosing the power, ease of use
and stability of Mac OS X to drive their work," said Ron Okamoto,
Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We're
thrilled to see a Universal version of BioBoost that enhances the
bioinformatics data processing capability of Intel-based Macs so users
can run computationally intensive calculations significantly faster."

BioBoost accelerators provide hardware processing for the most
computationally intensive applications. By utilizing Field Programmable
Gate Array (FPGA) technology, the processor is able to 'rewire' itself
on the fly according to the application that needs to be accelerated.
This allows a single hardware accelerator to speed up any number of
supported applications.

The Universal version of BioBoost allows applications to run on both
PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. Adding BioBoost removes computational
bottlenecks and optimizes the entire workflow providing final results

The Progeniq BioBoost is available for immediate shipment.

About Progeniq
Progeniq is a leader in reconfigurable computing applications, with its
BioBoost line of products for the life sciences industry already
adopted by institutes worldwide. Today Progeniq continues to reinvent
the way computing is done by leveraging on the Boost Platform to
introduce reconfigurable computing into new compute-intensive
industries, increasing the efficiency of computing systems, boosting up
performance and slashing cost.

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