[Bioforum] NanionNotes 5: Bilayer recordings with the Port-a-Patch

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Dear Patchclampers,

with issue Number 5 of our 
<http://www.nanion.de/pdf/NanionNotes5.pdf>NanionNotes, we would like 
to inform you about the possibilities of bilayer recordings with the 

The great facilitation of patch clamping with the Port-a-Patch is 
also applicable to experiments on artificial lipid membranes. 
Especially the use of giant unilammellar vesicles (GUVs) for 
automated formation of low noise planar lipid
bilayers on the microstructured borosilicate chips greatly simplifies 
and improves the experiment. The low noise properties enable high 
time resolution, which has been advantageous in a recent 
investigation on alamethicin channel formation (see Sondermann et al. 
2006, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 545-551).

For any questions or comments on our products and technology, please 
get in touch with us via <mailto:info At nanion.de>info At nanion.de or 
meet us at the upcoming meeting:

<http://www.biophysics.org/meetings/2007/>Annual Meeting of the 
Biophysics Society (Booth 469&471)
held from March 3-7, 2007 in Baltimore

With compliments,

The Nanion Team


The Nanion product catalogue
The current issue of the Nanion Notes:
The fourth issue introducing the Patchliner:
The third issue describes the intracellular solution exchange:
The second issue introducing our perfusion system not only for the 
Port-a-Patch can be downloaded from:
The first issue introducing the Port-a-Patch can be downloaded from:

For latest news please refer to our 
<http://www.nanion.de/content/papers/news.php>news section

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