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Thu Dec 7 00:39:21 EST 2006

Dear Friend!

My BioJobs blog at BlogSpot regularly publishes new job, postdoc and
other research/academic openings from all over the world.

When I was previously searching for job openings for myself, I found a
lot of open vacancies.  I would forward them to my friends, and many of
them appreciated that.  So, I thought of starting a blog exclusively for
such jobs, and I believe that many more life scientists will make use of

Over 100 jobs have been posted so far.  The postings come from the
websites of organizations seeking employees, as well as portions of
postings from job portals and forums -- I am providing this as a unified
platform for life science jobs.

URL: http://biojobs.blogspot.com/

Email: biojobsinfo at gmail.com

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