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Koichi Tanaka shimadzu_usa at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 14:18:01 EST 2006

Editor's Page

....nothing is WORSE than Shimadzu's infamous reputation in the
analytical instrumentation field!

January 2006

Two thousand and six (2006) marks the 9th anniversary of the Shimadzu
Consumer Alerts homepage.... who would have thought that we'd continue
to be beach sand in the crack of Shimadzu's collective ass? And NO,
we're not going anywhere! Shimadzu continues to "keep tabs" on what is
going on with this homepage as evidenced by the continued appearance of
their corporate IP addresses in our website visitor logs (208.212.50.*
and smzk075.shimadzu.co.jp from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments,
Columbia, MD, USA and Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan,
respectively). For the third year, the Referrer Report (which
highlights the top terms visitors entered in a search engine that
directed web surfers to this homepage in no particular order) included:
SHITmadzu, Shimadzu tricks, Shimadzu technical support, Shimadzu
problems, UV-Vis, HPLC, TOC, GC/MS, Chromatography, Spectroscopy,
Fluorescence, Pittcon, Agilent, Dionex, PerkinElmer, Thermo, Varian and

In reviewing the individual page view statistics generated by website
visitors to this site over the past year, some interesting trends
continue to unfold. The Top 10 Most Visited Links at the
www.bigfoot.com/~shimadzu-sux domain (in decreasing order) were: 1) The
Japanese Rape of Nanking, 2) Manufacturer's Showcase of Quality
Analytical Instrumentation Vendors, 3) Shimadzu's Inferior UV-1601
Offering, 4) Shimadzu Regional Manager Terry Adams TELL ALL Memo, 5)
Shimadzu Sex, Lies and Cover-Ups, 6) Shimadzu Parts & Service
Alternaties, 7) The Horrors of Using a Shimadzu GC/MS, 8) The Foreign
Language Translator, 9) Shimadzu RF-xxxx Junk, and 10) Shimadzu GC
Blows-Up (revisited). Shimadzu's Regional Manager Terry Adams' TELL ALL
memo which highlights Shimadzu's $hitty company reputation along with
the $hitty products that Shimadzu manufacturers continues to be
bombarded with page views! On the other hand, the Japanese Rape of
Nanking just tells the world how this culture devalues women. Do you
think anything has or will change "for the better" in Japan or at
Shimadzu anytime soon?

For nearly eight years, we have been soliciting input from our website
visitors telling us why and which scientific equipment they won't be
buying from Shimadzu. As of 31 December 2005, we have received input
from more than 850+ prospective customers who have stated unequivocally
that they won't be buying certain Shimadzu instrumentation. And for the
13th consecutive year, Shimadzu's corporate net sales and/or income
(when adjusted for inflation) have NOT surpassed the figures reported
way back in 1992. Conservative estimates place the loss of sales to
Shimadzu (thanks to this website at over $39.6 million US dollars....
can Shimadzu say $40 million??? In retrospect, Shimadzu has been
growing at an annual rate of a paltry 1.22% for the past 13 years and
they use advertising words like "productivity, functionality and
sensitivity." Sounds like a cart full of $HIT-madzu.... are you buying
it.... their $HIT that is?

During 2006, we will observe AGAIN from the sidelines to see if
Shimadzu can snag any awards (or even an honorable mention) at Pittcon
2006.... it won't happen unless they resort to bribery! The dated
dinosaurs (including those incendiary devices) peddled by Shimadzu
should help to seal their fate once again even before the official
voting begins! Think about it.... what cutting-edge technologies is
Shimadzu known for? Can you mention even one product? When was the last
time you saw one of their so-called scientific products referenced in a
peer-reviewed article? And if you're an avid Shimadzu advocate, one has
to wonder OUT LOUD what kind of research your lab produces and
subsequently publishes. Why not direct all of us to some of your
noteworthy publications that make mention of the Shimadzu equipment
supposedly used in YOUR lab?

The fact is that one RARELY sees Shimadzu products mentioned in the
scientific literature.... pick up an issue of "The Application
Notebook" which is published quarterly by LC/GC and see for yourself.
One will find scientific articles published by most other analytical
instrumentation vendors, notably Agilent, Dionex, Jasco, JEOL, LECO, OI
Analytical, Perkin-Elmer, Thermo Electron, Varian and Waters. If you're
an objective scientist, you should wonder why that is.... why
scientific papers utilizing Shimadzu instrumentation are RARELY ever
published! Remember: $hit IN, $hit OUT.... that's the kind of science
that Shimadzu has been mastering for over a 100 years now!

n.b. It's been observed that if you throw enough $hit-madzu up on the
wall.... then something will stick. More and more is clinging.... so
the slinging will continue with glee!

n.b. Something to ponder: What do we have to gain by stating untruths
and falsehoods.... absolutely nothing! Now what does Shimadzu have to
gain by lying and denying? Answer: YOUR business (which translates into
dollars). Who has a bigger motivation to resort to the intentional use
of lies, denials and cover-ups.... us or them??? And we put our money
where our mouth is.... did Shimadzu reciprocate? Answer: HELL NO!

BTW: Please note that no Shimadzu Corporation figurehead has ever
written us at any time to question the veracity of the information
presented at: http://www.bigfoot.com/~shimadzu-sux. It's something that
they don't want to admit but our facts (and opinions) are all in order!

Dear Shimadzu: $7M US dollars for the rights to this homepage effective
31 March 2005.

You can pay now or pay later.... it will just cost more later!

If you buy SHITmadzu, then you will have $HIT period!

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