[Bioforum] Nanion Technologies launches second generation automated patch clamp workstation NPC©-16 patchliner ©

Nanion Technologies notes at nanion.de
Fri Feb 10 10:54:00 EST 2006

Nanion Technologies launches second generation 
automated patch clamp workstation NPC©-16 patchliner ©

Nanion has successfully established its entry 
level device for automated patch clamp, the 
NPC©-1 port-a-patch© and is now launching its 
second generation instrumentation, the NPC©-16 
patchliner©. The patchliner© is a robotic 
multi-channel patch clamp workstation for high 
quality cellular electrophysiology with increased 
throughput capabilities. The system uses Nanions 
microstructured glass chips and employs 
microfluidics to enable fast and precise 
perfusion. High success rates in gigaseal 
formation and stable whole cell recording of 
60-80% are routinely achieved. The patchliner© 
not only allows the fast application of compounds 
in laminar flow channels (~50ms, ideally suited 
for ligand gated channels), but even enables 
intracellular perfusion, so both sides of the 
cell membrane are accessible by pipetting robotics.
The patchliner© builds on the success of the 
port-a-patch© technology, offering vast 
experimental flexibility with high quality and increased throughput.

about Nanion:
Nanion Technologies (Germany) is a spin-off from 
the Center for Nanoscience (CeNS) of the 
University of Munich and is dedicated to 
providing flexible and customized solutions for 
ion channel research both in industry and 
academia. With the miniaturized NPC©-1 
port-a-patch©, Nanion offers the world’s smallest 
patch-clamp workstation. This innovative drug 
discovery technology makes patch clamp available 
also to non-electrophysiologists. The NPC©-16 
patchliner© additionally addresses the higher 
throughput requirements for ion channel screening 
and is a valuable tool for target 
validation,  lead optimization and safety pharmacology (hERG screening).

For more information, please contact us at 
<mailto:info at nanion.de>info at nanion.de or see also 

With compliments,

The Nanion Team


Nanion: http://www.nanion.de
NPC-16 patchliner: http://www.nanion.de/pdf/patchliner.pdf
Port-a-Patch: http://www.nanion.de/pdf/port-a-patch.pdf
Nanion Notes IV: http://www.nanion.de/pdf/NanionNotes4.pdf
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