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July 07, 2006
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Dear friends,
I decided to set up a library in Department of
geology, Khorasgan University with co-operation of
famous Iranians that live in USA, Canada and Europe. 
I searched information of needed geological references
from Amazon website and found your email address from
Bozorganeiran and other websites. I readied myself for
action and sent messages for you. Totally 384 message
(with subject of “Book for Iran”) sent to 384
successful Iranian women and men. Overall 44 persons
replied. At this time 14 persons accepted to send a
book and one person undertook to send 9 books.
Therefore, we will have 23 valuable geological
references. My students and I would like to thank
everyone who were about to help.

We are greatly indebted to Ali Akbar Mahdi, Mohsen
Mostafavi,  Mohamad Navab,  Kamran Elahian,  Manuchair
Ebadi,  Manoocher Soleimani,  Majid Sarrafzadeh,
Bizhan Aarabi,  Peyman Vahabzadeh,  Masoud Khalkhali, 
Mehran Pooladi-Darvish,  Laleh Behjat,  Sousan
Alemansour,  Asad Abidi (a non-Iranian that answered
my mistake with his favor) and especially Zohreh S.

We will never forget your acts of kindness. Please
send our greetings to all of Iranians that live out of

Yours faithfully, 
Ramin & Students

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