[Bioforum] PubMed Wizard - Open Peer Review

bioteam bwteam at biowizard.com
Sat Jun 24 13:36:21 EST 2006

PubMed Wizard - Open Peer Review

Recently there has been a lot of talk about open access and peer review. In addition to open access, a forum to openly discuss research is needed. That is why I think this new and free site PubMed Wizard is great. It lets you Rank and Discuss all your favorite papers. You can Discuss ANY paper found in the PubMed database, all 16 million of them! You can also Save interesting papers to your personal folder and Share them with friends. In addition, you can see what everyone else is reading by following the Most Viewed and Top Ranked papers. The site also hosts a social network for life scientists, Lab Wizard. Take a look at BioWizard (www.biowizard.com).

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