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Thu Oct 5 10:01:46 EST 2006



*Apologies for cross posting. Please forward to interested people*


www.PromoteResearch.org <http://www.promoteresearch.org/> 


The 2007 International Multi-Conference in Computer Science, Engineering,
and Information Science will be held during 9-12 of July 2007 in Orlando,
FL, USA. The multi-conference consists of four major events namely

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition
International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems and Web
Technologies (EISWT-07)
International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking and
Communication Systems (HPCNCS-07)
International Conference on Software Engineering Theory and Practice


All these events will be held simultaneously at the same place. Click on
www.PromoteResearch.org <http://www.promoteresearch.org/>  for more





John Edward

Publicity committee co-chair


PS: please send an email to the above address in case you are not interested
on further emails on this event.


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