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                                 CALL FOR  PAPERS
    The Sixth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications
                                   ICMLA 2007
                               December 13-15, 2007
                                Cincinnati, OH, USA

Co-Sponsored by:
    Association for Machine Learning and Applications
    California State University Bakersfield
    University of Louisville
    University of Cincinnati
    IEEE SMC (technical co-sponsorship)

Conference Proceedings will be Published by:IEEE

ICMLA'07 aims to bring together researchers and practitioners to present
the latest achievements andinnovations in the area of machine learning
(ML). The conference provides a leading international forum for
thedissemination of original research in ML, with emphasis on applications,
novel algorithms, software andsystems. Following the success of previous
ICMLA conferences, it attracts researchers and applicationdevelopers from
a wide range of ML related areas such as statistical, probabilistic, fuzzy,
evolutionary, inductive, and other kinds of learning, data mining, knowledge
discovery, pattern recognition, knowledgeacquisition and retrieval,databases,
data warehousing and visualization, knowledge-based systems and
highperformance computing.

The main goal of the conference is to advance the state-of-the-art in ML
via promotionof high quality and novel research. Scope of the Conference:
        - multistrategy learning
        - statistical learning
        - neural network learning
        - learning through fuzzy logic
        - learning through evolution (evolutionary algorithms)
        - Bayesian network
        - case-based reasoning
        - evolutionary computation
        - reinforcement learning
        - machine learning of natural language
        - grammatical inference
        - knowledge acquisition and learning
        - multi lingual knowledge acquisition and representation
        - knowledge discovery in databases
        - knowledge intensive learning
        - knowledge representation and reasoning
        - information retrieval and learning
        - theories and models for plausible reasoning
        - cooperative learning
        - planning and learning
        - multi-agent learning
        - web navigation and mining
        - learning through mobile data mining
        - online and incremental learning
        - scalability of learning algorithms
        - learning through text and multimedia mining
        - distributed and parallel learning algorithms and applications
        - inductive learning
        - inductive logic programming
        - feature extraction and classification
        - support vector machines
        - computational learning theory
        - cognitive-modeling
        - hybrid algorithms
        - machine learning in
              game playing and problem solving
              intelligent virtual environments
              homeland security applications
              industrial applications
              science and engineering
              computational biology

Contributions describing applications of machine learning techniques to
real-world problems, interdisciplinary research involving machine
learning, experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insights
into the design of ML systems, and papers describing development of new
analytical frameworks that advance practical learning methods are
especially encouraged.

   Papers due:                              June 15, 2007
   Notification of acceptance:              September 1, 2007
   Camera-ready papers & Pre-registration:  October 1, 2007
   The ICMLA Conference:                    December 13-15, 2007

All paper submissions will be handled electronically. Detailed
instructions for submitting the papers are provided on the conference home
page at
     http://www.cs.csubak.edu/~icmla/icmla07/  or

High quality papers in all ML areas are solicited. Papers that present new
directions will receive especially careful and supportive reviews. Authors
are expected to ensure that their final manuscripts are original and are
not appearing in the other publications. Paper should be limited
to 4-6 pages and submitted in IEEE format (double column). Papers will be
reviewed by the Program Committee on the basis of technical quality,
originality, significance, and clarity. All submissions will be handled
electronically. Accepted papers will be published in the
conference proceedings, as a hardcopy. A selected number of accepted
papers will be invited for possible inclusion, in an expanded and revised
form, in a journal. ICMLA'07 Best Paper Awards will
be conferred at the conference on the authors of the best research paper.
Detailed instructions for submitting papers can be found at
   http://www.cs.csubak.edu/~icmla/icmla07/ or

For further information contact:
      Professor Mehmed Kantardzic, Email:  mmkant01 from louisville.edu
      Conference Chair
      Dr. Tao Li, Email:    taoli from cs.fiu.edu
      Dr. Ying Liu, Email:  ying.liu from utdallas.edu
      Program co-Chairs

We invite submission of proposals for special sessions, workshops and tutorials.
Proposals to organize suchsessions should include the following
        - name and address of the proposer(s)
        - title of the session/workshop/tutorial
        - description of the session/workshop/tutorial
          (see further details below)
Each special session/workshop will have at least five paper
presentations. The special session/workshop chairs will be responsible for
soliciting the papers, reviewing, and making finaldecisions, in consultation with
the conference chairs. The description of the session/worshop should includethe
following information:
        - title of the session/workshop
        - scope   - organizers and
        - committee members
For further information contact:
     Professor  Mehmed M. Kantardzic, Email  mmkant01 from louisville.edu
     Conference Chair


Advisory Committee
  Jerome H. Friedman,     Stanford University, USA
  Michalski Ryszard,      George Mason University, USA
  Mitchell Tom,           Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  VanLehn Kurt,           University of Pittsburgh, USA
  David McAllester,       Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, USA
  Robert Schapire,        Princeton University, USA
  Yao Xin,                University of Birmingham, UK
  Lofti Zadeh,            University of California Berkeley, USA

Steering Committee
  Khurshid Ahmad,         Trinity College, Dublin
  Hamid Arabnia,          University of Georgia, USA
  Krzysztof Cios,         University of  Colorado at Denver, USA
  Khalid Hafeez,          University of Bradford, UK
  Mehmed Kantardzic,      University of Louisville, USA
  Lukasz Kurgan,          University of Alberta, Canada
  Graham Kendall,         University of Nottingham, UK
  Wei Li,                 California State University Bakersfield, USA
  Vasile Palade,          Oxford University, UK
  Kevin Seppi,            Brigham Young University, USA
  M. Arif Wani,           California State University Bakersfield, USA

Technical Meeting Committee
General Chair
  M. Arif Wani               California State University Bakersfield, USA

Conference Chair
  Mehmed M. Kantardzic       University of Louisville, USA

Program co-Chairs
  Tao Li                     Florida International University, USA
  Ying Liu                   University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Special Sessions Co-Chairs
  Visale Palade              Oxford University, UK
  Lukasz Kurgan              University of Alberta, Canada
  Sushmita Mitra             Indian Statistical Institute, India
  Jieping Ye                 Arizona State University, USA
  Mitsunori Ogihara          University of Rochester, USA
  Raj Bhatnagar              University of Cincinnati, USA
  Seref Sagiroglu            University of Gazi, Turkey

Workshops Co-Chairs
  Xue-Wen Chen               University of Kansas, USA
  Leif Peterson              Methodist Hospital, USA

Publicity Chair
  Khalid Hafeez              University of Bradford, UK

Registrations Chair
  Adel Elmaghraby            University of Louisville, USA

Awards Co-Chairs
  Hui Xiong,                 Rutgers University, USA

Sponsorship Chair
  Ray R. Hashemi             Armstrong Atlantic State University, USA

Local Arrangements Chair    University of Cincinnati, USA
  Raj Bhatnagar

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