[Bioforum] Shotgun Sequencing and the Human Genome Project

cmay via bioforum%40net.bio.net (by cmay At walshgroup.com)
Wed Feb 7 12:26:20 EST 2007


I am writing a paper for school where I am supposed to support the
claim that WGS was successful at mapping the human genome.
Specifically I am to answer the question "Why do we now believe that
WGS worked?"

In the research I have done, I have come across a bunch of papers from
the late 90s from people on both sides (e.g. Venter/Myers PRO, Green

It seem then after the release of the human genome, there again a
number of papers looking at the results, kind of doing a post mortem
on the whole debate.

However, these articles seem to indicate that WGS would NOT have
worked in the human genome, where such a large portion of the genome
is a duplicate, if not for the IHGP teams work.  Some papers seemed to
suggest that this hybrid method would be the standard way to sequence

I have not found much on the subject from recent months.  Almost all
my references are from 2002 or earlier.

Does anyone know of any new info out there I could read about the
current status of WGS and/or how Geneticists view it's accuracy and
usability today?

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