[Bioforum] Publications Online - Call for Reviewers

publisher from pub-online.org via bioforum%40net.bio.net (by publisher from pub-online.org)
Tue Jul 10 05:54:40 EST 2007

The Publications Online Board will soon propose a new Journal (called
Publications Online) available to rapidly publish scentific papers,
based on the scientific commons license.
We are looking for some people to review the web site before official
Web site reviewers will gain free access to www.pub-online.org, on the
sole condition that they send their comments concerning the web site
to the Publisher.
Form and content have to be reviewed. All suggestions will be welcome.
Please apply for free access by sending a mail to publisher from pub-

Mail for appliance must respond to the two following questions :

Why do you want to review Publications Online ?
Why are you interrested in Scientific Publications ?

Thanks a lot to apply for a free access,

The Publications Online Board
publisher from pub-online.org

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