[Bioforum] Standard gene nomenclature as defined by HUGO: poor usage in breast cancer marker studies.

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Poor usage of HUGO standard gene nomenclature in breast cancer
by Marc Lacroix
InTextoResearch, Baelen, Wallonia, Belgium
in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2009) 114, 385-386

Since 1989, the Human Genome Organisation (HUGO) attempts to ensure
that for each gene there is one name and one symbol. The resulting
standard nomenclature is, however, poorly applied in clinical studies,
which impairs the efficient retrieval of information. This lack of
support is reflected in the present survey of 92 articles reporting on
disseminated breast cancer cell detection.

Representative markers:

KRT19 (Keratin 19), more frequently used aliases: cytokeratin 19;
cytokeratin-19; CK19; CK-19;

SCGB2A2 (Secretoglobin family 2A, member 2), more frequently used
aliases: mammaglobin; mammaglobin A; mammaglobin 1; MAM; mam; hMAM;

SERPINB5 (Serine (or cysteine) proteinase inhibitor, clade B
(ovalbumin), member 5), more frequently used aliases: maspin; MAS;

TACSTD1 (Tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 1), more
frequently used aliases: epithelial glycoprotein 2; epithelial
glycoprotein 40; EGP40; EGP2; KS1/4; GA733-2

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