[Bioforum] transgen expression problem

Qi, Zengbiao via bioforum%40net.bio.net (by qiz from upmc.edu)
Wed Apr 8 09:11:43 EST 2009

I have developed a transgenic mouse strain  expressing HES1 in CD4 positive T cells by utilizing Tet repressor system. The mouse is double positive for M2 (under CD4 promoter) and HES1(under Tet repressor control) and feeding the double positive mice with  food containing doxycycline (1g/kg) induces HES1 expression in CD4+ T cells in both thymus and spleens, at least, theoretically. However, HES1 is only induced in thymi, not in spleens of my transgenic mice. Although HES1 can be induced in isolated splenic CD4+ T cells in vitro culture with doxycycline, even without any stimulation in 24 hrs.

I’d appreciate your insight of the problem.

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