[Bioforum] Stem cell patents & research news (12/17/09)

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Stem cells: US Patent/patent applications

1. Amplification of hematopoietic stem cells using TGF.beta.
inhibitory compounds
2. Method for identifying a modulator of Hh-dependent motor neuron
3. GABAergic neurons differentiated from CNS stem cells for the
treatment of Parkinson's diseases
4. Augmentation of soft tissues such as breasts by autologous fat and
adipocyte derived stem cell grafting
5. Regulating the differentiation of embryonic stem cells of a non-
human mammal by regulating the expression of a WW45 protein

Link: http://www.sciclips.com/sciclips/stemCellResearch.do?expandable=20&newsLatest=Y

Stem cell research articles

1. Homeodomain transcription factor, Prospero, repress neural stem
cell self-renewal and promote differentiation
2. Quantitative proteomic analysis of chondrogenic differentiation of
3. Antidifferentiation function of p53 in mESCs are directly regulated
through Wnt signaling pathway
4. Self-renewal genes in germline stem cells in mouse and human have
conserved gene expression

Link: http://www.sciclips.com/sciclips/stemCellResearch.do?expandable=20&newsLatest=Y

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