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BDRC announces the M. Phil and PhD intake for the academic year 2009
in the areas of all life
science areas. A maximum of 30 persons will be entertained for the on
campus programme
and 45 persons for off campus programme.
The intensity of the Program demands energy and zeal in the pursuit of
greater understanding,
and a willingness to master the behavioral, scientific, Biological and
mathematical sciences that
are the essential components of academic research in Life science
disciplines. Each student in the
Program chooses to concentrate in one of different available fields of
study. Field selection=97and
later, dissertation advisor or guide,=97play a key role in guiding
students through the Program.
Such preparation reaches its culmination in the original research
presented in a candidate's
doctoral dissertation, and conferral of the Ph.D. in Life Science
areas signifies that he or she has
attained expert competence in a major field of study of life. Although
a student's primary
coursework and research activities are concentrated in the field of
specialization, this does not
limit the range of a student's study; cross-disciplinary study is
frequent and encouraged.
Applications are invited from the interested personals for the
following areas;
Molecular Biology
IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)
For MPhil: M.Sc/M.Tech/M.Pharm with 55% marks
Duration of the programme (1-1.5years)
For PhD: MSc
Duration of the programme: (2.5-3Years)
(Note: MPhil candidates may complete their PhD within 1-1.5 years)
Interested applicants may send there application to
5 Copies of all the credentials up to MSc
2 Recommendation Letter from any of the Scientist/Researcher
5 Photographs
A brief work plan (This plan may be changed according to the
DD of INR 10,851/- in favor of =93BioAxis DNA Research Centre=94 payable
at Hyderabad as the
registration fee
Once we receive all the documents we will send the application form
via email.
For all the queries write to dnaresearchcentre from hotmail.com or call
Interested candidates may submit/send the documents to
BioAxis DNA Research Centre
12-13-1249 1st floor,Besides Andhra Bank
Tarnaka-500017 (Secunderabad)
Last Date for Application submission 25th of Feb 2009

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