[Bioforum] working temperatures for Porapak Q 80-100 C-5752 to work with liquid ethanol 99.5% enquiry

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Fri May 29 17:08:52 EST 2009



I am wondering if I can use liquid ehanol 99.5% as a standard to work with GC (Shimadzu GC-14B) and Porapak Q 80-100 C-5752.

If the answer is yes, what is the column temperature, injection temperature and detector temperature I should work with?


Now I was told to dilute the ethanol with DI water to the concentration that suit my sample (ppm). The GC set to column temperature 140 C, injection temperature 160 C and detector temperature 180 C. After some trials I found the results of the peak areas were not consistent with the concentrations. Please advice anything that might suit my work. I have to finish this work very soon.







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